AppSure Modules At a Glance

AppSure Functionality

Insurance Plan Administration

  • Data entry
  • Optimised separate user interface for data capture & administration
  • Validations are based on product specific rules
  • Calculation of premiums and commissions on product & business rules
  • Search functionality
  • Validation errors – policies in pending status
  • Amendment of customer and policy details
  • Policy transactions - renewal, cancellation, change, endorsement, expiry, lapse, reversal
  • Premium history - managed per business rules
  • Multiple premium payment profiles supported – daily, weekly, monthly, annual, any other
  • Status updates automated – trigger events

Claims Administration

  • Lodge claim & claim items
  • Automatically populate claim with relevant info from plan eg excess
  • Group & identify claims originated by a common claim event
  • Calculate due benefit based on claim information, policy information and insurance product business rules
  • Automatically update policy or plan based on final outcome of claim e.g. adjust remaining benefits
  • Identify documentation required to support claim approval, based on product – checklist
  • Claim status automatically updated based on claim data and business rules
  • Capture claim adjudication and settlement distribution including proof of discharge, if approved
  • Search and report

Data Exchange

  • Load of customer, plan and claim information from files in Excel, CSV and XML format into database – mapping of data, exception reporting, validation of data, workflow for exceptions, reporting
  • Export of plan, customer and claim data into Excel, CSV, TXT, XML and PDF format
  • Files are securely transferred to partners in encrypted form
  • Import and Export jobs can be scheduled to run at given times in given sequence, including defined dependencies between jobs

Document Management

  • Attaching scanned proposal and claims documentation against policy or claim
  • Client web-access to policy, claim and premium history
  • Ability to quickly recall, review, print, email any scanned document from the policy or claim

Product Configuration & Administration

  • Product configuration tool
  • All product factors can be maintained by product administrator users
  • Business rules configurable to cater for underwriting and business rules
  • User interface configurable to reflect product specific requirements for data capture and display

Payment Gateway

  • Through a strategic business relationship with Apption (Pty) Ltd, registered financial services provider, FSP 44956. We are now able to offer Payment Gateway to our business clients.
  • Refund Policy - Apption (Pty) Ltd complies with the Consumer Protection Act and should the client change his or her mind regarding the service acquired, Apption (Pty) Ltd will refund the client, less any direct expenses already incurred on behalf of the client in respect of the service as prescribed by the Underwriting Terms and Conditions. Apption (Pty) Ltd will accommodate said refunds into accounts as defined by Underwriting Terms & Conditions and our SLA’s with the product providers. The client may be liable for credit card administration fees charged to Apption (Pty) Ltd by Paygate and ABSA bank in this regard.
  • Delivery / Collection Policy - Apption (Pty) Ltd is a financial services provider offering outsourced collection and administration services. Collections will be initiated at point of sale of underlying asset where customer has agreed to cover. Apption (Pty) Ltd receives payment, this will be confirmed with the client and Apption (Pty) Ltd undertakes its obligations in terms of the payment received as defined by service level and underwriting agreements.