Our Services


Policy Management

We operate on a customised platform that has been specifically designed around insurance policy administration from lead management to policy activation and maintenance as well as related interventions i.e. claims, updates, cancellations and statutory correspondence.

The system is easily adaptable to your business rules around validation and calculations with relevant reporting functionality.

Basic validations include client identity number, banking details and vehicle valuation against Mead and McGrouther etc. Our web-functionality enables customers to activate and update policies electronically.

Premium Management

We offer a cost-effective collection solution that includes everyday collections to be managed and processed.

Claims collation

We can offer you customised reporting as well as maintaining relevant information like vehicle mileage and service records as required.

Our web-functionality enables customers to register claims electronically and follow the progress of their claims.

Client Services

Inbound / Outbound

AppSure has the infrastructure to deal with your customers professionally whilst maintaining the required voice-recordings required by legislation. This enables us to provide a hassle-free service with limited paperwork.

Client Communication

We offer electronic fulfilment via SMS and or email sent to customer with URL to relevant documentation. Our web-based application allows for user registration and access to client details on policy, claim and premium collections.



Customised reporting enables our clients to monitor key areas of their operations and focus on what they are good at, whilst leaving the slog of administration and customer service to us.

API Suite

Full API-suite enables our business partners to interact with policy data electronically. This opens up a host of cutting edge client interaction and marketing possibilities.