The Challenge

The challenge was to provide an economical and yet efficient claims system, that could integrate to the policy systems of its partners, scale as the business grew, and provide a multi tenanted platform enabling the rapid onboarding of new branded partners.
Hollard selected Appsure as its preferred claims solution, and Lodestone as its implementation and integration partner.

Appsure’s implementation partner Lodestone set about configuring and enhancing Appsure to suit Hollard’s needs, including integration to branded partner policy sales systems and assistance providers.

Notable features and value add provided by Lodestone are:

  • Integrated FNOL System

    A significant step forward was achieved by Lodestone developing an automated online claims solution for customers. The system is fully integrated to the claims system and features a responsive format depending on the benefit or benefits being claimed for, data validations and client communications and alerts. The system allows for full client branding – many of the clients are household names – and rapid deployment onto the client website.

  • Straight Through Processing

    Lodestone integrated an opensource decision modeling solution into the Appsure claims solution. This enabled the low-cost delivery of advanced automation into the claims process, through a combination of claim process task automation, and increasingly sophisticated automated claim validation activities.

  • Machine Learning in Claims

    An advanced element of the automation work being done at Hollard Travel, is our imminent integration of Machine Learning (ML) into the claims process. We use a decision forest style Machine Learning algorithm and Natural Language processing, to provide an AI assessment of the submitted claim, including client text description of claim events, policy and other relevant data.

The solution


  • The overall result has been that we have been able to facilitate and enable the rapid expansion of Hollard’s Travel Insurance business.

  • New partners are rapidly onboarded.

  • The claim process is highly efficient for the claims team, and we have scaled up the level of automation, sophistication and controls as the claims team has grown.

  • End customer experience has been very good, with a quick and smooth claim lodgement process, branded at every touch point, and quick and effective processing of claims.

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