The Challenge

The challenge was to provide a flexible web base insurance solution which would be deployed in the Azure cloud. The platform needed to provide all features and functions for Point Underwriting agency to Quote, Underwrite, Bill and manage all policies that were being sold to their customers via Broker and channels partners. In addition, the system needed to provide straight through processing and digitise the entire life cycle of the sales and administration process.

Point Underwriting Agency appointed Appsure to implement their solution and to partner with them in developing and implementing the Appsure solution and develop the bindsure broker portal.

The solution


Appsure set about configuring and enhancing Appsure and its services to enable the selling of the Point Underwriting suite of products.

These products, sold through the bindsure broker portal and channels partners include:

  • Personal Accident

  • Personal Accident and Sickness

  • Group Personal Accident and Sickness

The Appsure solution enables the full end to end process to be fully digitised with built in Underwriting, Rating, Automated Letter Generation, Debit Order, Payment Services and Claims. The solution also provides a full report suite in Power BI which also generates written and paid bordereaux which are sent to the relevant insurance companies who hold the risk on a scheduled basis.

The bindsure portal enables selected brokers to sell the bindsure suite of products with the following features

  • Automatic broker registration with fully tenanted access

  • Development with busy brokers in mind

  • Easy to use Quote and Bind process

  • Minimal keying of data

  • The ability to obtain an inclusive quote before having to enter any personal information about the prospective client

Client Testimonial

Point Insurance prides itself on product innovation and customer service in Personal Accident and Sickness Insurance. Appsure has been a tremendous partner supporting Point Insurance through the evolution of our business. Appsure enabled us to grow our business rapidly, with the development and support of our bindsure Broker Portal. The solution enables us to configure and deploy new products easily, providing agility in servicing our clients.

David Fogarty

Managing Director

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